Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Grand Island Fire Company is a body of seven members who are elected to three year terms by the general membership. The Board is led by a Chairman who is elected annually by the members of the board. The board meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month. The primary responsibilities of the Board include managing the financial aspects of the company including budgeting and accounts payable/receivable. The board maintains all properties owned by the Company and does all long range planning. The board enters into all contracts on behalf of the company and is charged with fostering an environment where progress, quality service, proper staffing and training can prosper.

Jeremy Pullano

Gregory Butcher (2022)
Vice Chairman/Secretary/Director

Matt Osinski (2022)
Vice Chairman/Director

Saed Shafie (2023)

Steven Stouter (2024)

Tammy Gorman (2024)

Nicole Gerber (2024)